The Global Coronavirus outbreak has hit the events industry hard. It doesn't look like it will be business as usual anytime soon.

As quick as COVID-19 has been to disrupt our plans, we have to adapt even faster. While in-person events are no longer an option, companies can pivot to virtual and remote events for many of the same benefits.

In this special webinar, we have discussed how companies can leverage technology to run seamless remote events without sacrificing conversion rates or engagement.

We have also provided a hands-on look at e2m OnAir, a Virtual Conference and Online Event Platform for Enterprise Conferences and Training Events. Some of the features of e2m OnAir we will showcase are...

  • Round Table Video - Let your attendees join over a virtual table and humanizes their conversations
  • Session Broadcast Video - Generate a larger audience by fueling online interactions by live-streaming sessions
  • Exhibitors Meetup - One-to-one video conference for exhibitors and attendees
  • Play Later - Video seminars and broadcasts can be recorded and played in the future
  • Let's Talk - One-to-one video conference with any active event attendee


Siddharth Jhunjhunwala
CEO, e2m.live

With 20+ years of technology experience and leadership, he is passionate about product development and quick in recognizing new technology trends. Digital marketing, enterprise mobility, and traveling are his biggest passions. He is always on the lookout for learning & sharing opportunities with clients and colleagues.

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