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Facilitates Learning, Collaboration and Building Relationships

Virtual Roundtables or Breakout Rooms allow attendees to talk to each other without restrictions, creating engagging experiences and helping them network freely.

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Enables Face-to-Face Interactions

Attendees can move freely from table to table, making conversations, exchanging digital business cards or even connection through integrated social media channels.

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Interest-based Networking

Make it easy for your attendees to find the contacts they need. Interest-based tables take the guesswork out of networking.

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What are Virtual Roundtable?

Virtual Roundtables (also called Virtual Breakout Rooms) are private spaces for upto 6-8 people to converse and contribute within the virtual event space.

Why does my Event need Virtual Roundtables?

Virtual Roundtables are spaces where attendees can communicate with each other, allowing for discussions and networking much like an in-person event. these result in greater event engagement and ensure more in-depth takeaways for your attendees.

How can attendees navigate the Roundtable?

Event organizers can setup interest based virtual roundtable. Once attendees enter the Roundtable screen, they can choose the Roundtable relevant to their interest and click to join the conversation.

Can attendees create their own Roundtables?

No, attendees cannot create their own Roundtables.

Can organizers pre-assign Roundtables to attendees?

Yes, for convenience organizers can pre-assign Roundtables to attendees based on details like industry, topics of interest, seniority etc. however attendees are free to explore all tables.

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