Event Essentials

Information sharing is the basis of attendee engagement at events. We believe these are the must-haves in an event app.

Session Information

Personalized Itinerary

Speaker / Sponsor / Exhibitor Directory

Collateral Sharing

Social Wall

Photo and Video Wall

Attendee Matching and Networking

Floor Map and
Venue Info

Audience Response Systems

Enhance Session Interactivity

Communication is more effective when it is a 2-way process. Boost interactions at events and conferences with the built-in audience response solutions.

For Event Planners, Managers and Admins

Manage Events
Like A Pro

Handy features enable event planners and admins to manage the events in a smart way

  • Manage Themes

    Brand your event app to match your event theme

  • Bulk Uploads

    Help you upload media files and documents in bulk amount in the blink of an eye.

  • Group Alerts

    Announcements and reminders to targeted groups - Pre-session, In-session and Post-session

  • WayFinder

    Define route and directions of booths, meeting or conference rooms. An offering to enhance exhibitor and attendee experiences

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