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Videos On-Demand

Keep your event going for as long as you want. Entire events can be made on demand on your website, effectively creating events that visitors can experience at any time.

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Additional Revenue Stream

Event organizers can build a secondary revenue stream with on-demand videos. Attendees who are unable to attend the event live due to time or other constraints would be happy to register for an on-demand experience.

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Event Showcase

Your on-demand page becomes your event showcase. Want to attract future prospects, speakers, and sponsors? Simply let them login and enjoy the event as it happened.

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Features of virtual event platform


Why should I make my Sessions On Demand?

Event Organizers can make their events on-demand to attendees for a limited time, or even in perpetuity. This helps generate greater interest for their upcoming events, gains them new attendees and can even become a new revenue stream.

Can I control who sees my videos?

Yes, you can set access levels to your on-demand event videos. You can make them accessible to all for any length of time, or restrict access via passwords. You can even add a payment gateway to monetize these videos separately.

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