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2-Fold Meeting Module

Attendees can take part in One to One meetings and network with a fellow attendee. They can also choose a Genius (subject matter expert) and get into a meeting with him/her.

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Networking Preferences

Attendees can set up their networking preferences in their profiles. The meeting module then auto-match attendees based on their preferences and initiates meetings if they both agree.

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Detailed Analytics

Get a complete insight and detailed analytics of the meetings scheduled between attendees. Have a clear picture of the performance of the ongoing event, real-time.

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What is the Meeting Module?

The meeting module is a utility feature of e2m OnAir where attendees can set up a meeting with fellow attendees from the app itself.

How is the Meeting Module beneficial to me as an event organizer?

The meeting module helps you to get in-depth analytics of the meetings scheduled by the attendees. It also helps you with community building during the event.

What is the maximum number of attendees permitted in a meeting?

For the regular 1:1 meeting, there can be 2 attendees talking to each other and under the Genius format, there can be 1 attendee and a subject matter expert.

How can I tell attendees about the meeting setup process?

Organizers can send a mail about the setup and usage of the meeting module via email from e2m OnAir dashboard. This is done by clicking the “Send Mail” button from the “Meeting Setup Welcome Message” dashboard.

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