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What is e2m OnAir?

e2m OnAir is a leading virtual event app platform. It helps companies and event managers to go digital with their events. It includes all formats of live panels, keynotes, live streaming, on-demand video, and virtual exhibit platform. In addition to these, event markers can set up advanced registration landing pages and an email-based reminder automation cadence.

What are Virtual Events?

A virtual event is a digital version of the classic in-person events. Here hosts, exhibitors, and attendees meet, communicate, and engage in video sessions using virtual event web site and apps.

Do Virtual Events have the same benefits as in-person events?

Virtual Events are different. The end objectives and benefits however match or exceed in-person events. This is due to enhanced productivity in discovering the right knowledge sessions and the right attendees to match your objectives of attending an event.

How is e2m OnAir different from a webinar or video conferencing platform?

A webinar or a video conference is just one of the elements of a virtual event. A digital event includes a series of live streams, broadcasts, advanced exhibit discovery, and is usually for an extended period of time. For a more detailed look at how e2m OnAir is ideal for events, check out this blog post.

Is e2m OnAir GDPR compliant?

Yes, e2m OnAir supports data centers in the EU and double-opt-in and data encryption. We provide consultation calls for large businesses who may have specific requirements for GDPR.

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How do I host an event with e2m OnAir and what platforms is it available on?

e2m OnAir is generally used first on a desktop/ laptop with Chrome as a preferred browser. In addition, iOS and Android Apps are also available.

What are the types of sessions offered by e2m OnAir?

e2m OnAir offers Live Video Streaming of Sessions, Live Video Roundtable sessions, and One-to-One Video Conference Sessions and Live Streaming of pre-recorded videos.

How can e2m OnAir help my sponsors and exhibitors?

e2m OnAir permits in-app branding. This gives your sponsors to put up their branding during the course of the event on the app itself. On top of that, the virtual 2.5D booth which e2m OnAir offers is the perfect place for putting up branding.

How can e2m OnAir help my attendees network?

e2m OnAir helps attendees to network by allowing them to join over a virtual roundtable and converse with other fellow attendees over a particular topic. It also allows your attendees to browse through the virtual guest list, interact and engage with other attendees, and last but not the least, bump against valuable leads.

Can I use pre-recorded content for my event?

Sure. You can play your pre-recorded content both on-demand as well as for Simulated Live, combining the excitement of a live event with the zero-error aspect of a recorded event.

How many attendees/participants can join my event?

There is no upper limit to the number of attendees/participants who can join your event. E2m OnAir is a global-scale platform with auto-scale capability. For panel discussions, we provide 16 speakers and for a round table upto 10 participants.

Can e2m OnAir help me get more attendees to my event?

Yes, e2m OnAir can help attract more attendees with the optional email AI plugin ZOE, which allows you to automatically and persistently follow-up with your prospects and convert them into attendees.

Does e2m OnAir have a registration system?

e2m OnAir comes along a mobile-first registration system. It is easy to set up and comes along multiple customizable templates. Attendees can easily register from their phones, anytime, anywhere.

Can I add my branding to my event?

Yes, e2m OnAir is a completely white-label solution that can be fully customized.

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What platforms does e2m OnAir support?

e2m OnAir OnAir works on all leading desktop and mobile platforms through a seamless web interface and has dedicated apps for iOS and Android.

Can e2m OnAir integrate with my existing EMS?

e2m OnAir provides import capability from existing Event Management Systems via their API. It also provides integration with Salesforce as an optional connector.

What is the video resolution offered by e2m OnAir?

The video resolution gets auto-adjust on e2m OnAir depending on the connectivity of the viewer. The default resolution for panels is 480p. Live stream broadcast auto adjust upto 1080p HD.

Do my attendees need to download any plugin to attend an event?

No, your attendees don’t need to download any plugin to attend an event. For mobile experience, they download respective apps.

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What kind of support can I expect with e2m OnAir?

White-glove service. As e2m OnAir is generally used for medium-sized to large scale events, our customer success team is hyper-focused on fanatical support. The customer team works 24X7 in supporting global events daily. Schedule a call to know more about the support packs.

How long do I have access to the event site?

Event access is available for the duration of the event and the day after. Beyond that, paid annual access is available.

Icon 5 Key Points on e2m OnAir's Video Network and Infrastructure
Broadcast-grade Encoders -

We use TV Broadcast-grade encoders for video - both on-demand and streaming. Same as those used by National Broadcasters in New Zealand.

Intelligent Network -

Our network monitors activity in real time and automatically selects the most efficient routing path for sub-second latency globally accross 200+ data centers.

Hyper Scalable -

Architected to withstand sudden spikes in traffic, gracefully scalling from one to millions of concurrent users as your business demands.

Mission Criitical Reliability -

99.99% uptime, 300ms average global latency and zero system-wide downtime in history.

Parallel Inbound and Outbound -

Ability to provide recordings and do parallel inbound and outbound live stream ingest e.g. An actual camera feed can ingest to the session, and simulcast outward also to place like Youtube and Facebook (where required).

Why ?

e2m.live has been designed to enhance attendee delight at both internal events like sales training sessions as well as customer-focused events. It was used by more than 1,200,000 event attendees across 4,000+ global events.





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