Matrix of e2m enterprise App Features

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Features Description Enterprise Professional
Agenda The complete event schedule for an event with multiple filters for ease of navigation.
Speaker Profiles Entire Speaker list with detailed bios and images including any white papers/ session handouts.
Sponsor & Exhibitor Profiles Detailed listing for all Sponsors and exhibitors with direct links to their booths on the floor map.
Personal Agenda & Bookmarks Users have the ability to personalize the agenda, add bookmarks as well as add sessions and meetings directly to their calendars.
Session Presentations & Handouts Session presentations and handouts can be uploaded to the app, users can view these on the app as well as share these based on app permissions set by event organizer.
Exhibitor Collaterals Exhibitors can upload their marketing collaterals to the app.
Venue Information Venue Maps, weather and any additional helpful information.
Interactive Floor Maps Event Floor maps with direct links to theatres and exhibitor booths as well as route builder to navigate through the floor.
Event News Ability to publish event news
Session Notes, save and share Users can take notes on a session and save them as well as share them.
Personalized Itinerary Upload- Admin Event Organizer/ Admin can upload personalized itinerary for individual users so they can see the sessions they have been preregistered for.


Features Description Enterprise Professional
Event alerts Ability to send event alerts as push notifications
Live Session Q&A Attendees can submit questions via the app which are sent to the session moderator who can then qualify and publish them to the speakers.
Live Polls Highly interactive session polls with live results that update in real time, polls results can be publishes as bar graphs, pie charts as well as cool word clouds.
Session Rating A simple and effective star based rating system to simplify the process of session ratings.
Feedback Event organizers can publish Feedback surveys to the app both at the session and event level.


Features Description Enterprise Professional
Gamification Leaderboard Attendees get points for using the app for various social and interactive features, like live Q&A, session polls, Surveys, social posts etc. Points can be configured by event organizer from the app backend CMS.
Attendee List List of attendees logged into the app, with filters for ease of discovering relevant profiles
One-to-One Messaging Attendees can send one to one messages from within the app and create new connections
User Matchmaking* Users can add tags and keyword to their profiles. These keywords are then used to match users across the event and show them their highest matches in the attendee list.
Around Me (iBeacon)* Users are able to see other attendees in their proximity hence enhancing networking options.
Event Social Feed One of the coolest and most used features, the “Social feed” is a full blown event social network for users to connect, post status updates, thoughts, images as well as like and comments on posts made by other users.
Event Photo Gallery Users can take pictures on their phones / tablets or chose from their device gallery and upload to the apps. These images can be moderated and published to the app as well as to external web pages to be displayed as the event image feed on a large screen.
Meeting Request and Management* This optional module allows users to send meeting requests to other app users by going to their profiles, once meetings are mutually accepted the app also automatically reserves meeting resources such as meeting tables and booths.
Session Check-In Session check in allows users to check in to a session via the app and then network with other users that are checked in to the same session.
Scavenger / Treasure Hunt (iBeacon)* Optional Gamification module, this fun module allows organizers to place beacons across the show floor and the attendees go around searching these beacons and solving puzzles to get the clue to the next location.
Advanced Gamification* Scavenger hunt, Badges, Group Gamification, Trivia and Quiz

Analytics & Reporting

Features Description Enterprise Professional
Google Analytics Dashboard Full Google analytics dashboard to see live reporting of statistics
App analytics Dashboard** Feature specific analytic dashboard providing live incite into usage and user behavior for different app features such as: Top viewed Speakers, Exhibitors, Sessions etc.
Detailed Event Reports* Detailed reports on different sections such as session polls, check-ins, Live Q&A, iBeacon reports
Custom Reports* Custom designed analytic reports per event

* Premium Feature
** Available in both Enterprise and Professional
iBeacon: This feature requires iBeacon deployment and Bluetooth to be switched on.


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App Security

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Use game design elements at events & conferences

Add more intrinsic motivators using Event Gamification. Points, Leaderboards, and Badges are known indicators of improving attendee engagement.

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Data Is Power. Turn Insights into Actions Using 360° Event Analytics.

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