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Frequently asked questions

Account sign-up and licensing

Q. How do I sign up? The process for e2m lite sign up is through the plans section for choosing the appropriate plan that fits the customers need. There is a free plan for upto 10 attendees to get started with. Customers can also choose the other customised plans like essential, premium and elite. After a successful signup, the customers will receive thank you /confirmation email. e2m representatives will get in touch with the customer post signup.
Q. How can participants join my event? Participants can go to https://e2m.live and enter the unique event code.
Q. Can I use e2m lite for all my events? Sure, as long as they have less than 500 attendees. Please register for the Professional or Enterprise versions if your attendee base is larger.
Q. What are different versions of e2m lite? The free version of e2m lite (which has ALL the features of the paid version) can support events with up to 10 attendees. Plans are also available for larger events. Check out the pricing plans here.
Q. How do I upgrade my version of e2m? Please write to [email protected] to upgrade your existing version of e2m.
Q. Is there an onboarding specialists to help set up e2m lite for my event? Onboarding specialists will be available for all paid versions of e2m lite. Email support is available for the free version.
Q. How do I reset my password? To reset your password, please use the reset password link in the CMS dashboard login screen.
Q. How do I change my password? You can easily change your password from "My Account" section of the CMS dashboard.
Q. How do I create additional CMS users? You need to sign up for e2m Professional or Enterprise to create additional CMS dashboard.
Q. How do I renew or upgrade my licence? Please send a request to [email protected] and someone will get in touch with you soon.
Q. Is there a mobile app for e2m lite? e2m lite is available for desktop and mobile browsers only. Please upgrade to Professional or Enterprise versions for iOS and Android apps.
Q. What are the platforms supported by e2m lite? All you need to launch e2m lite is a desktop or mobile web browser.
Q. Do I have to download software or plugins to use e2m lite? As long as you have a mobile web browser, you are good to go. No additional downloads are necessary.
Q. What is an event code? An event code is a set of four to six numbers to uniquely identify an event. The event code is auto generated when an event is created and cannot be changed.
Q. How do I change the event dates? You can set or change the dates of your event from the e2m lite CMS dashboard.
Q. How do I change the language for my event? e2m lite is presently available in English. Please upgrade to Professional or Enterprise versions for additional language support.
Q. How do I duplicate my event? You may use the event cloning feature in the CMS dashboard to create additional events based on an existing one.
Q. How do I brand my event with a logo? You can brand the event from the "App Branding" menu in CMS dashboard. e2m lite enables you to add logos and change the color theme.
Q. How do I display sponsor logo(s) in e2m lite? You can add multiple sponsor logo(s) in the form of banners from the "App Branding -> Event Banner" menu in CMS dashboard. Banners can be set to redirect to an external web link when tapped/clicked.
Q. How do I delete an event? Events can be unpublished from the CMS dashboard. This will restrict participants from accessing the event.
Q. How do I enable or disable features? Features can be enabled / disabled from the e2m lite CMS dashboard.
Q. How do I see submissions (questions, poll results and survey answers) from attendees during and after the event? You can see and download various reports with user submissions from the e2m lite CMS dashboard.
Q. My event is over. When can I see the analytics data? e2m lite analytics are available in real-time, so you can check them during or after the event.
Q. Can I integrate e2m lite analytics into my marketing automation and CRM software? Integration is not available in e2m lite. However analytics can be exported as xls reports that can be downloaded and fed into MIS. e2m Enterprise has integration capabilities with other systems.
Q. What is the Live Q&A feature? This feature allows the participants to submit and upvote questions. This makes it easy for speakers to respond to the most popular questions. Attendees can post questions anonymously as well, if it is allowed. Permissions can be enabled or disabled from the CMS dashboard, and questions can be moderated at the event and session level from there as well.
Q. How do I manage e2m lite questions? e2m lite allows you to manage questions through the CMS dashboard. Permission options include enabling or disabling anonymous submissions or direct or moderated posting. Additionally, administrators can assign questions to categories, change their status, or reject them.
Q. How do I enable moderation of questions? The moderation feature allows administrators to review and approve questions before they appear at the application end. Questions can be set to be auto-accepted, which means they are published and visible to other participants as soon as they are posted, or moderated, in which case the administrator has to approve questions before they appear to the audience.
Q. How do I moderate incoming questions? If auto-publish is disabled then questions have to go through a manual acceptance process. The admin needs to select individual questions and accept them so that they are published for broadcasting.
Q. How do I mark questions as answered? There are two ways in which questions can be marked as answered. One is via live activity where questions posted against sessions can be selected and answered by the respective speakers. Second is by the CMS dashboard administrator who can select published questions at both event or session level and mark them as answered.
Q. How do I export the questions? Submitted questions can be exported as a spreadsheet file. This provision is available from the report and analytics section.
Q. How do I delete test questions? Attendees with CMS dashboard administrator privileges can delete questions from the CMS dashboard once testing is complete.
Q. Can participants upvote questions? Yes, participants can upvote questions posted against a session.
Q. How do I use e2m lite to collect questions before the event? Sharing the e2m lite event before the actual event can help organizers or speakers create a repository of questions. All questions can then be exported into an excel spreadsheet.
Q. What is the Polls feature? Polls enable you to learn more about your participants by allowing allow them to share their opinions. When polls are active, attendees can send their votes through the e2m lite application and results are updated in real time.
Q. How do I create a poll? To create a poll, simply click on "Create Poll" on the dashboard, set a poll type, put in details and then save.
Q. How do I organize polls into sessions? The administration system provides an easy-to-use interface to set up polls and map them to sessions. Polls can be set to be available at all times or can be scheduled to be available at specific times. Polls can be set to last throughout the event or for specific sessions. Polls gives users ability to submit their response in a variety of ways e.g. single choice, multiple choice or free text input.
Q. How do I create a survey? The CMS dashboard provides an easy-to-use interface to setup Surveys and map them to sessions or event. Surveys can be set to be available at all times or can be scheduled to be available at specific times. It gives users the ability to submit their response in a variety of ways via single choice, multiple choice or free text input. It also allows organizers to have multiple questions in a survey.
Q. How do I activate the poll? Polls can be created and kept inactive. They can be activated by selecting a specific date / time or by specifying time relative to a session.
Q. How do I hide poll results? Administrators can hide poll results by disabling "View Result Option in the App" from the poll-session mapping section.
Q. How do I lock the polling? Polls can be made active based on three settings - always, based on a date-time or after a specified time. You can restrict the polling by enabling or disabling them through the settings above.
Q. How do I export poll results? Poll results can be exported from the analytics and reports section.
Q. How do I reset poll results? CMS dashboard admin can reset Polls from Poll settings which will reset the results to default.
Q. How do I duplicate the poll question? If the poll features and properties are same for different sessions, polls can be duplicated using the Poll clone feature. The poll clone features take into account all the settings that is associated with a source-poll being cloned and applies the same to the newly created poll.
Q. How do I delete my poll? Polls can be deleted individually. Also, bulk action can be performed by selecting multiple polls.
Q. What is the Word Cloud? Word Cloud displays poll options as an image composed of words where the size of each word depends on maximum user submission.
Q. How do I activate multiple polls at the same time? You can select multiple polls and activate them by setting poll status setting to "active".
Q. How do I allow attendees to choose multiple options? e2m lite offers many types of polls. Multiple choice polls allow participants to choose more than one option as response.
Q. How do I display poll responses and questions on a large screen display? Projector links allows to display poll responses and questions on a large display. Projector links can be generated from the CMS dashboard, using the Projector links module, where specific sessions can be selected and links generated for the same for distribution.
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