How Does the
Check-in App Work?


Before the event

Guests download the Check-in app on their Android, iOS or Windows devices and access it by taking log in details from the event coordinator.


During the event

Login to the app and scan guest data for each session/booth and the overall event by clicking on the ‘Start Scan’ button from the launch screen.


After the event

Review valuable statistics (e.g. arrival data, peak-time per session/booth) from Check-in Report to finetune strategic plans for future events.

Premium Features

Unlock the full potential of our app to make check-in a breeze

Easy Set-up

Attendance Tracking

Fast Check-in

QR Scan

Print Badges/Business Cards


Event Registration

Data Export

Custom Global Settings

Excel Upload

Arrival Alerts

Stats and Reports

Faster Registration.
Enhanced Data Capture.

A 360° solution to simplify check-ins and monitor footfalls

Get Smart With RSVP

Quickly segment your target audiences to understand who’s coming and who’s not

Identify Attendee Preference

Analyse user behaviour by scanning maximum footfalls per session/booth

Know Your Valuable Participants

Learn more about your most valuable guests through progressive profiling

Deliver Session Updates

Keep your guests in the loop with consistent and customised session updates

Measure Your Event Success

Export analytics of each session/booth to measure the impact of your event

Curate Audience Data

Get user details (e.g. Company Name, Designation, etc.) to optimise every touch point

Live Reports and Real-time Stats

Translate attendee data into actionable insights

Event Managers

Analyse event progress through real-time guest check-ins and seamless data visualisations


Track guest profiles and their arrival time to measure the business impact of your session