Hyperlocal awareness for events

Automated tracking and push notifications based on hyperlocal attendee behaviour including In-depth floor analytics.

  • What are Beacons or iBeacons?

    Beacons are small, smart objects that you can stick to the walls of an event venue. They send out Bluetooth signals, which attendees can detect and follow by using their smartphones. iBeacon is the trademark for the beacon technology developed by Apple, Inc.

  • How can Beacons enhance attendee engagement at an event through

    Beacons bring a “real-world” context to The moment an attendee reaches the venue, he is greeted by the app with further directions for registration. On being close to an exhibit stand, the app recognizes the interest and pushes a notification to the app user telling them more about the exhibitor. When an attendee finishes watching a presenter in a session, a rating request alert pops on to the phone. While standing in a lunch line, the app automatically sends offers or provides a menu for pre-selection. These are some examples.

  • How are Beacons useful for meeting planners?

    The benefits that Beacons can provide to meeting planners are limitless. They provide invaluable data on head count, attendee preferences, floor plan analytics and much more. As the data is implicit, its more accurate and ubiquitous. This data then drives decisions by the meeting planners resulting in successful events.

  • How expensive are the Beacons?

    Each Beacon costs $50 approximately.

  • What is the operational range of a Beacon?

    Beacons use Bluetooth signals and can send signals up to a distance of 70 metres. However, if there are obstructions like partitions or walls close to a Beacon, then those objects can divert or absorb a portion of the radio signals, potentially reducing the effective range to a great extent.

  • Which types of mobile devices support Beacons?

    Beacons use Bluetooth low-energy signals. Any mobile device that supports Bluetooth connectivity is compatible with Beacons. Mobile devices by Apple (iPhone 4S and its successors) support Beacons. Among Android devices, Samsung Galaxy S series and above all support Beacons.

  • Can I use Beacons at my event without a compatible mobile app?

    No. Unless the Bluetooth signal captured by a mobile device is processed by the mobile app, the attendees are not going to receive any information on their device, which completely defeats the purpose of the Beacons.

  • How long does a Beacon remain operational?

    Each Beacon is powered by a non-rechargeable Li-ion battery. At the default settings, each Beacon should function for about 3 years. The lifespan can, however, be increased by altering the power settings.

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